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Intuitive Coaching and Healing

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Angie has over 18 years of working with clients, supporting them, and guiding them on their personal journey of healing. Gifted with Intuitive insights and ability to read energy, she provides tools and guidance in reconnecting clients with their highest self.
Angie is certified in Meditation & Mindfulness, Sound Healing Therapy, and is a Usui Reiki Master. She also spent over 17 years working in the mental health field and has a BAS in Human Services with emphasis in Victim Survivor Services.

Leaf Lessons
Angie is the author of Leaf Lessons.

A series of Books providing healing guidance, empowerment, and spiritual insight on living a life aligned with your highest self.

During a spiritual awakening one can be pushed out of their comfort zone and begin the process of facing many personal shadows. Diving into the deepest healing of your life. It can seem daunting, lonely and confusing at times. Especially when deconstructing from old beliefs and religious teachings. The process of expanding beliefs, healing from trauma, and becoming enlightened is much like a leaf in a stream, laying back and allowing nature to carry it in the natural flow. Trusting the universe to guide you along the correct path. If you are looking for inspiration on your spiritual awakening journey, leaving religious beliefs, deconstructing your mind, working through trauma of any kind, or seeking healing guidance and encouragement, you will find the empowerment to trust the process in the pages of this book.

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 Coming February 2023
Leaf Lessons II
Composting the Ego

The Intuitive Life Coach

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