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You are just a decision away from changing your life! 

Many spend years in therapy, and yet still struggle. That is where I step in! I guarantee to provide the tools you need to overcome those energetic blocks keeping you stuck in cycles in your life. I focus on helping you connect with your truth. You are Spirit! You are Energy! You must connect with this part of yourself to heal. Without this connection, you will likely repeat cycles keeping you stuck in life, and never fully feel free.

Through intuitive insight and energy reading, I help you find blocks in your life and provide tools to help you release them. 

I will work right alongside you, building an authentic relationship without the barriers of mental health services. I will help you find the source keeping you stuck and provide you the tools to move forward.
My clients leave these sessions feeling empowered and enlightened to live as their highest self! 

My passion is to see YOU Succeed!! 

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About my Book

During a spiritual awakening one can be pushed out of their comfort zone and begin the process of facing many personal shadows. Diving into the deepest healing of your life. It can seem daunting, lonely and confusing at times. Especially when deconstructing from old beliefs and religious teachings. The process of expanding beliefs, healing from trauma, and becoming enlightened is much like a leaf in a stream, laying back and allowing nature to carry it in the natural flow. Trusting the universe to guide you along the correct path. If you are looking for inspiration on your spiritual awakening journey, leaving religious beliefs, deconstructing your mind, working through trauma of any kind, or seeking healing guidance and encouragement, you will find the empowerment to trust the process in the pages of my book,
Leaf Lessons.  

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The Intuitive Life Coach

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About Me

HI! I'm Angie,

I am an author, and mental health provider who came to the understanding of how important it is to not just heal through mainstream mental health services, but also, spiritually.

As I worked through my own healing of many traumas and limiting beliefs, I realized deep down under all the pain I had hidden was who I truly was.  

I am certified in many holistic modalities, including Meditation & Mindfulness, Reiki Master, Sound Healing, Life Coaching, and Group Facilitation.  I use intuitive energy reading, psychic giftings and mediumship in my services to help connect you with your own energy, purpose, and intuition. I also have an extensive history of working in the mental health field, with a degree in Human Service and Certificate in Victim Survivor services and have training in trauma-based practices. All skills I now bring to the services I provide for others. 

I am passionate about helping others succeed, heal, and find their true potential in life.